Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pine Cone Trees DIY

For the past two of the three Christmases that my husband and I have celebrated while married we have debated about whether to get a real or fake tree.  Last year my husband surprised me with a real tree and we got the tree stand, tree skirt, ornaments, the works!  One move into a smaller apartment later...and we don't exactly have room for a tree, fake or real.  So I have been coming up with creative ways to make the house look more festive.  I thought I would share one of the ideas with you.  

And it is easy as pie (if pie were easy).  All you need is a glue gun, about 20 sticks of glue for the glue gun, three (or four, or five!) foam cones (I chose three different sizes), and two boxes of pine cones (I found them for 50% off at JoAnn Fabrics!).  And, start gluing!  It will take a while, so don't expect to get them all done in one afternoon...unless you have incredible amounts of stamina.  

this is about how many pinecones you need to cover the smallest tree

in the middle of covering the medium size tree

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