Thursday, July 24, 2014

Before & After - Stairwell

So I've been trying to decide what the next project will be in our house (after we figure out the water problem and redo the basement).  While I really love the house we bought, I'm trying to find ways to make it feel more like us.  It has some great elements but is in desperate need of a few updates.

My first idea was to redo the stairwell.  It's a great structure, kinda funky layout and was something that really drew us to the house.  But those handrails? Yuck.  I'm not one to like a lot of ornate things, so those wooden dowels (I think that is what you call them...I don't speak staircase) with their intricate carving was just not speaking to me.  It said Victorian meets Country...and those two things are NOT me.  

So, I decided to snap a photo and head to Photoshop to create a new look....


Wa-la!  An updated stairwell!  I kinda wish I could do all my home improvement projects this way.  No mess, no tools, just some clicks of the mouse.  I love the white walls in this space, but it was too white, even with the two tone stair rail.  It needed some warmth added to it.  I love it!  Now...I just have to wait til we have the funds to actually make it happen... oh, and that old light fixture has got to go...  Not sure what I would want to replace it with though.  Thoughts?

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